Geosciences in Hauts-de-France

If you’re still thinking that Geology or landscape in Northern France corresponds to these pictures

Hauts de France

Think again… Northern France is rich from a high geological diversity along the coast or inside its territory.
You’re welcome to discover that thanks to the diverse field trips.

Geosciences Research and Education in Hauts-de-France Region

Most research and teaching activities are located on the University of Lille, on its Villeneuve d’Ascq campus. It hosts three main research units:

- The “Laboratoire d’Océanologie et Géosciences” UMR 8187 LOG – CNRS / U. Lille / ULCO.
  This unit is also located along the Jurassic cliffs at Wimereux.

- The “Laboratoire Evolution-Ecologie-Paléontologie” , UMR 8198 EEP – CNRS / U. Lille

- The “Laboratoire de Génie Civil et de Géo-Environnement”  having also some offices in the School of Mines at Douai.

Most reserchers are teaching in the Earth Science Department

Other Research units
also working in the field og Geosciences

- The “Unité Matériaux et Transformations”, UMR 8207 UMET – CNRS / U. Lille / Chimie Lille / INRA

- The UniLaSalle School at Beauvais

At the same time, the “Société Géologique du Nord ” born in 1870 is acting outside the University world to diffuse Geologic information.

30 years earlier…

30 years ago, about 700 geoscientists already met at the University of Lille. Today, geoscientists of Northern France are happy to welcome you again.

30 ans

April 1988: RST opening session at the University of Lille (La Voix du Nord).


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